The most classical promotional usb drive

Everybody knows this model! It owes its success to a clever design, with a swivelling cap, so no risks to loose it!
It's practical, perfect for small budgets but be careful, such a widespread model can hide very disparate performances depending on the manufacturer.
And despite that we guarantee the quality of our products, your clients might have had a bad experience with a similar model from another manufacturer.
For which kind of promotions?
Any promotions with tight budgets
design, archicteture related activities
Swivelling notion, time notoion, watch making.
Key words: capless USB drive, original USB drive, custom USB stick.
As low as 5. 12 Excl. VAT

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Bimaterial: Plastic and metal body casing
no loose cap
large printable surfaCódigon 2 sides
USB 2.0 compatible with 1.1, GNU/Linux, Mac and PC (no driver required)
speed: Reading up to 12 MB/s, Writing up to 2.5 mb
delivered in individual gift box
dimensions: 55 x 19 x 11mm.

Customs Code : 85235190


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