SmartFinder Deluxe

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Smart search mode, indicates the distance between you and the Smart finder device thanks to the percentage indicator.
Find your keys, wallet or any other item carrying the key finder, in the perimeter, by ringing the smart finder from your smartphone.
A strong Buzz will guide you to your lost item. You can whether use the mobile application to know the situation of your item, or use the mode "last seen tracking" to see where your item last time been connected to your smartphone.
Last seen tracking mode,This function gives you the opportunity to record the last known position of your item on a map. Thus, you can easily and precisely know where you have forgotten your belongings.
Anti lost mode,When your smartphone looses connection with the smart finder, a buzzer will ring on your phone.
As an example, when you leave home forgetting your wallet, in which you have first put the smart finder, a buzzer will ring on your phone to alert you.
Phone Finder Mode,Push in a repetitive way on the Smart finder Camera button and a buzzer will ring on your smartphone so that you can find it very quickly.
APN Remote control,Push on the Smart finder camera button to activate your smartphone camera remotely.
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The smart finder has a long distance reach and a weak latency.
Distance to remain in touch : 50 meters outdoors and 35 meters indoors.
Dim. Product : 38 x 38 x 6 mm
Dim. Branding : 18 x 8 mm
Support: iPhone4S&later(Iphone5/5s/6/6plus etc), iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod touch
Reason: It uses BLE4.0 teCódigology. Support bluetooth 4.0, iOS 7.0 and above
Support: Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, Note2, Note3.
Reason: It is BLE4.0 teCódigology. Support bluetooth 4.0 and android 4.3 and above.

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SmartFinder Deluxe

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