PIXIKA MetalSkin Medical®


In 15 years’ experience, our French based company has become a European leader in the world of Promotional products and Communication offering innovative and high quality electronic products. PIXIKA continues to be a reference in the European Promotional Market of Electronic and High Tech articles.

Pixika focuses on Innovation with its Research & Development department. PIXIKA first identities the trends and needs of the market to provide its clients unique solutions, with high value potential, and which regularly enrich regularly its products collection : PXK Design, Eco friendly touch and Office Accessories.

MetalSkin Medical®

 Founded in 2007 by a French Engineer, MetalSkin Medical® has actively participated in the Revolution in the world of Biocide and Hygiene products, in particular by using pure, natural copper.

Copper’s antibacterial properties are well known since Ancient time and used in various fields of activity such as Pipe production, marine antifouling paints, etc…

The MetalSkin Coating can be applied over a great number of surfaces and materials.

The product itself is a composite, combining polymers and a 92% copper-filled alloy, with 200 µm thickness, manufactured in certified Factories.

Using this Biocide product, it divides the number of bacteria by an average of 3000 times … in just one hour

It is certified and complies with the strict norm AFNOR S90-700.



PIXIKA + MetalSkin Medical® = An innovative union


The Synergy between PIXIKA, French company specialized in the manufacture and the distribution of High Tech products, and MetalSkin Medical®, creator of a revolutionary Biocide coating, gave birth to a new range of Office Biocide Articles composed of Keyboards, wireless Mouse, Powerbanks and USB flash drives : PXKCARE