PIX-Bike 1 - Multifunctional Tire inflator

The 2-in-1 smart tire inflator to inflate wires and recharge all your devices on the way!

PIX-Bike 1 is the must have multifunctional tire inflator. Indeed its compactness and its cordless design makes it so easy to use and carry everywhere you go. PIX-OMI enables you to quickly inflate all your equipment (balls bikes scooters...) and recharge all your electronic devices (tablets smartphones…) even in the most challenging situations thanks to its built-in LED light. In addition the automatic shut-off function facilitates the use providing safety and ensuring optimal inflation.
Delivered in a cardboard box with its storage pouch.
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PIX-Bike 1 - Multifunctional Tire inflator

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Type: Tire inflator with Power Bank function 2000 mAh
Material: ABS
Maximum inflation pressure: 120 psi
Item dimensions: 38 x 60 x 152mm
Emergency Led light
Weight: 340g
Standards: RoHS MSDS CE


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