Pair of Twins Mini Audio Speaker

Pocketsized stereo sound!

Sold by pair (price for 2 speakers)
Music is becoming pocketsized…You’ll be amazed by these wireless mini speakers. Sold separately or as a pair, each speaker is batterypowered. By teaming up these two speakers as a pair, you can enjoy perfectly synchronised stereo sound. This is an ultracompact solution that enables you to enjoy music wherever you are, whether at home, on holiday or with friends!
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Pair of Twins Mini Audio Speaker

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Wireless conneCódigon (up to 10 metres away), Bluetooth 4.2 –200mAh battery. More than 3 hours’ battery life when fully charged.
Marking surface: 15 x 10 mm. Pad Printing: 1 Códigor max
Weight: 33g
Dimensions: 35mm diameter x 28mm
Bonus : Stereo sound!

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