Our CSR commitments


PIXIKA has always consistently acted for sustainable development and ethics.  

We did not wait the collective consciousness to become aware of the critical issues to adopt ourselves a responsible behaviour in our purchases, our supply chain, and the management of our human resources.

We daily practice, and have always practiced :

  • The Eco-friendly practices with products made of recycled plastic, recyclable material, recycling our waste,
  • We do choose our supply chain partners with the biggest care by giving priority to manufacturers who meet fundamental ethical requirements,
  • Our Logistic is voluntary based in France / Europe to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure compliance with the European standards,
  • We do fight against obsolescence providing our customers quality products
  • Across Europe, we totally support and join eco-organizations in charge of financing recycling schemes,
  • We do have good practices in terms of human resources (gender equality, telework, promoting balance of promotional and private life…)

We strictly comply with the European regulations and norms.

These essential principles are part of Pixika’s DNA and symbolize the concrete identity of the company.

We are sincerely and fully committed to this approach, which seems to us obvious but above all Vital.

The goals are eminently important as it is about the preservation of what we all of us share, our Planet.

As a manufacturer/importer, we assume our responsibility and we have decided to strengthen our collective commitment by integrating the UN Program, known as Global Compact, to continue our action with the support of a global organization whose main prerogatives are the well-being of the people around the world and the preservation of the environment.

Our Environmental Commitment

We give priority to suppliers with a clear eco-friendly politic. We develop and select sustainable prodcts and packaging.

Our Quality Assurance approach, one of the most complete of our industry, has been set up since the company’s creation : it bans automatically all the products that do not fully respect legal and environmental rules. We give priority to companies that have their own environmental approach.

What we do expect from our suppliers :

  • They must comply with the applicable environmental standards in the country they operate.
  • They set up rules to improve the security in handling, storage, elimination, recycling, or management of raw materials, wastes, air emissions and wastewater discharges.
  • They prevent contamination of the local environment by anticipating accidental spills and discharges,
  • They keep on improving their environmental performance by regularly setting new environmental goals and launching plans of action.

Since their creation, we have been affiliated with European eco-organizations in charge of financing the Recycling network and the Electronic waste treatment.

Our 4 main couriers are committed in an active strategy to reduce and even to neutralize their carbon emissions.

We do optimize the packaging of our products to reduce their volume and to limit the sub-packaging.

We do print our brochures, catalogues and sales documents onto 100% recycled paper with a selection of printers that complies with the “Imprim Vert” specifications, guaranteeing our commitment to the environment.

Pixika has numbers of agreements with all its main customers/partners that prohibit the use of various substances that can be dangerous and hazardous with the environment and with the employees health, far beyong what the law requires.


Our Ethical Commitment

By the year 2020, all our products will be manufactured by subcontractors meeting the requirements of the BSCI, SEDEX, SMETA or WCA scales.

There will be no longer integration of subcontractors that do not meet the most stringent requirements in terms of human resources management and social commitments.

We have never assembled or packaged using forced labour, penitentiary labour, dangerous labour, child labour under the age of 16. This age is stricter than the one imposed by the ILO Convention C138.

We do require from our suppliers to renew their commitments to strictly comply with these obligations and we push them to have their own subcontractors to fully respect those requirements.

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and we do respect the rules of conduct set out in the ILO Fundamental Conventions, namely C87 and C98 about freedom of association, C29 and C105 about the abolition of forced labour, C11 and C100 about equality and C138 and C182 about child labour.

We do accept all forms of audit to monitor the respect of those requirements/commitments, and do encourage our clients to have social audits carried out by authorised third parties. 

Our Social Commitment

In regards with the employee’s revenues, the access to training sessions, the salary raise, the transition into retirement, the discrimination based on races, on origins, on religion, on handicaps, on gender, on sexual orientation, on trade union involvement, on political views or on ages, we do not commited neither support any acts that would be considered as a discrimination or a difference in employees/partners treatment.

We do fully respect the right of our employees to be involved in the trade union of their choice, as well as their right of collective negotiation.

Our partners must not be involved in undeclared or dangerous labour. In the country they operate, our partners must comply with health and safety laws and rules, with the legal labour worktime, with the salaries regulation, with the prohibition of disciplinary proceedings, etc….

Our Goal

Our main purpose is to provide the best offer to our BTOB clients that want to proceed to sustainable and eco-friendly purchases.

We keep on taking this commitment with our clients, our suppliers, our employees and we are fully determined to do everything necessary to satisfy the societal and environmental requirements that our clients are naturally expecting.

In the coming months, we are going to accelerate our developments of Eco-friendly products, based on natural raw materials (FSC wood range), biomaterials (corn starch), recycled and recycling products (PET plastic, recycled strokes)

We are taking Major Responsible, Ecological and Social Commitments for a better world.

Grégory PACAULT, Marketing Director of PIXIKA