Magnetic phone holder

Phone holder equipped with a powerful magnet to ensure a perfect hold of your mobile phone, whatever is the orientation

Ease of use : no particular tools required, simply stick the base over a flat surface into your car or your office. 2 metal tails are supplied : one to fit behind the phone case, the other one to tsick directly to your smartphone. Both of them ensure a perfect hold to all the models of mobile phones.
Compact and elegant, it won’t denature your dashboard, on the contrary
Top of the range finished with its chrome metal alloy to guarantee a high perceived value in regard to its real price.
As low as 11. 74 Excl. VAT

Delivery times from

 working days



Delivered in a valued black gift box
Diameter : 3.7 cm, Height 3.2 cm, Weight : 88gr, Box dimension : 78*78 mm.

Customs Code : 39269097


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